R.B.C. Chulucanas
R.B.C. Chulucanas

R.B.C. Chulucanas
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The House of Prayer Evangelical Piura Department beginning from September 1, 1999, Development Program aimed at children and adults with different skills (disability), using the System CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation) recommended by the Organization World Health Organization (WHO). Since its founding the Lady Anne and her husband Carlos Olsson
Lady Anne and Carlos Olsson.
When we arrived the first time. the Plaza de Armas of CHulucanas the first people we found were about 11 children who asked if they had heard about Jesus. Their answer was "never."

The first public worship we had when we began the work in 1975 was with children. 60 children came to the first Sunday School.
Since the founding of the church "House of Prayer" in 1975 much work has been focused towards children
Work in Sweden for eleven years in a Network of Child Protection has the Swedish government for all children from one year to twelve years.
During that time accept a job as personal assistant to a five-year-old had a physical disability.
Up close I could see all the help we received from different Alejandra professionals such as physiotherapist, nutritionist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, social worker etc.vi their development in all areas. It was a girl who had sorrows, joys and dreams. I was privileged to lead her to the feet of Jesus. I remember after she had received Jesus In an A4 sheet of paper, drawing a heart where Jesus and ALEJANDRA wrote.
Alejandra died when he was nine years because of his disability.
One day when I was reminding Alejandra vision started to see hundreds of children in the streets, in the main square and church CHulucanas House of Prayer. I did not see any children with disabilities, children will ask me as Alejandra? Where are they? I began to mourn because I understood that the Lord was speaking
And I said, "Lord I am ready to return to search CHulucanas children with disabilities, because they need to know you and know that you have not forgotten."
Work for three years while our church helped us to formulate a project to PMU.
PMU InterLife
Interlife PMU's mission is to lead and promote joint cooperation activities for the development of the Swedish Pentecostal congregations.
I received training and equipment from a missionary couple a physician rehabilitation physiotherapist and his wife had executed a RBC that rehabilitation is a strategy recommended by the World Health Organization.
In 1999 we returned to CHulucanas to begin the work of RBC.

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